Can a Cup of Coffee Predict the Election?

We are less than a month away from Election Day in the US, and everyone is trying to predict the outcome using a variety of data points. We joined in on the fun by launching our Election 2012 page as a place to highlight our social data and give insights into how the election is playing out.

Well, AddThis publisher, 7-11, has a very fun and unique data point of their own that they are tracking nationwide. If you go into a 7-11 and buy a cup of coffee you are presented with a choice of a Barack Obama cup or a Mitt Romney cup. Results are tabulated and presented on a map. Currently Obama leads Romney 60% to 40%. (What about regular vs. decaf?)

You also can check out results in your state or certain cities.

How does that stack up to our data?  Check out the latest social mentions map below, displaying by county the intensity of mentions for each candidate (Romney red and Obama blue). It is worth noting that this data is not taking sentiment into effect so it’s possible Alaska is just really upset about the whole PBS thing … ;)

Stay tuned for the VP debate recap on Friday morning. Missed the Presidential debate last week? We’ve got the data rundown here.

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