The Second Presidential Debate, Binders Full of Data

Less than 3 weeks until we go to the polls and the path to victory is still very unclear.  Did the debate last night help one candidate separate themselves? Unlike the first presidential debate which, outside of Big Bird, did not produce many memorable moments, the town hall debate definitely hit some great marks.

Social Analysis

Unlike the 1st two debates, where Twitter crushed all other social services, this debate provided more of an opportunity for other services to jump in for sharing.  Why?  Well, the top content shared about the debate came in the post-debate spin on whether or not President Obama called what happened in Libya an act of terror.  We have seen consistently during the first 3 debates that content about fact checking, Facebook is the preferred way to share those articles.  The top article was from Commentary Magazine.


Top Social Moment(s)

No question that the top social moment for the debate was the exchange on Libya at 10:22PM where moderator Candy Crowley even corrected Mitt Romney on quoting Barack Obama.  Many people might think that the “Binders of Women” comment Mitt Romney said would be the top moment, but the buzz from this moment was actually small initially and grew steadily during the rest of the debate.

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Coal, Lilly Ledbetter, Memes

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The top issues of the debate last night that did not include a binder or Big Bird dealt with energy issues and women’s right to fair pay and whether or not the candidates were telling the truth.

Though the most lasting moment of the night may be the mentions of the word “binder.”

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And the winner is …

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