Improved Email Form and Why It’s So Important

We recently released a brand new AddThis sharing experience that included improved email sharing.

Email sharing is one of the most popular and effective ways to share. When people email content, it’s usually to a close friend or family. These shares are more likely to be clicked on and go viral because they are from trusted sources.

This is why a user-friendly email form is so important. Comparing the old with the new, you will see that we enlarged the size of the form and added additional capabilities, like the ability to remember your email address.

Old sharing form:

New sharing form:

The new form is designed to look and act like other email applications you use each day, making it straightforward and easy to navigate.

Like what you see? Make sure to upgrade your AddThis sharing implementation to our latest version. You can grab the code on the AddThis site or just update your current implementation by changing the number in your javascript from 250 to 300. It’s that easy!