Our New Sharing Experience: Internationalized

While AddThis is a US-based company, we are very aware that the internet is an international experience. (“World wide web” anyone?) That is why internationalization and the support of multiple languages is so important to us!

Recently we updated more of our social tools to support the many beautiful languages of the world so publishers everywhere can present their users with their preferred method of speaking. Specifically, our brand new sharing experience has been fully upgraded to incorporate all our supported languages. This includes the new email sharing form, end user authentication and the sharing menu itself.

As before, site owners can set their AddThis sharing menu and related functionalities to a specific language OR allow us to automatically detect the user’s browser language settings and customize the experience to match. We also will reorder share services based on popularity within different regions. This behavior is tested to increase sharing rates.

Finally, we’ve also updated our language submission forms, so please help us translate more languages. We want to make sure that everyone can share and do so with ease!

If you have any questions or comments about AddThis internationalization, please feel free to reach out or post in the comments below.