An Introduction to AddThis Analytics Profiles

One of the most powerful features of AddThis analytics is our profiles. These allow you to separate analytics collected under your account however you want. In this post, I’ll explain how to create new profiles in your account, and then give a couple examples of how you can use them.

Creating a new profile

Creating profiles is really easy. Just go to and click the “Add Profile” button.

Profile Manager Screenshot

Then, enter the name for your new profile and click “Add”

Profile Creator Screen

This will create a profile with that name and create a random profile ID that’s associated with that profile. A couple things to note:

  • Profiles can have the same names
  • Profile IDs can’t be changed

Now that you’ve got a profile you can click on the name of the profile to edit its settings.

Profile settings page

Here’s a quick explanation of these settings:

  • Email Reports: When checked AddThis will send you weekly analytics reports for this profile
  • Alerts: This allows you to set email alerts for when shares, or clicks change for the entire profile, a specific domain that this profile tracks, or for a specific URL tracked by this profile, as well as adjust the frequency.
  • Sharing: You can share the profile with anyone who has an email address and give them either full control over it or just allow them to view the analytics.
  • Blocked Websites: If your profile ID is somehow used on a domain that you don’t want reports for you can manage that domain here.
  • Email Templates: This section lets you create specific email templates that are used when someone shares using our email system. More information on email templates is available here.
  • Content Feeds: These allow you to create RSS or JSON feeds for shares, clicks, and trending content for this profile.
  • Applications: This allows you to manage which iOS or Android apps can use this profile.
  • Labels: These allow you to group profiles together and see a roll-up of the analytics collected with these profiles. More on these later.
  • Shortener Settings: This allows you to set a specific login and API key on our servers. Then you’ll just have to configure your page to shorten using
  • Delete Profile: Just what it says – you can delete the profile if you don’t need it anymore.

Some ways you can use profiles

As a consultant

Profiles provide consultants with a way to both monitor the effectiveness of their clients’ sites and give their clients a way to keep an eye on things.

First, create profiles for each of your clients. Then, share those profiles with the relevant stakeholders for each client. If you want, you can group these clients by using labels based on their industry, the type of client, or the level of support they’ve purchased. Then you can generate reports for each one of these labels.

As an editor

If you run a site with multiple contributors, profiles can give you a way to get detailed information about how well each contributor’s content is performing, as well as seeing an overall view of what links are generating the most social traffic.

Just create profiles for each one of your editors. Then adjust your content management system to put that editor’s profile ID on their stories. You could also share these profiles with the editors so they can make use of the analytics to increase social sharing.

As an online store owner

If you run an ecommerce site selling multiple types of product you can get more granular information about sharing by using profiles. Create profiles for each product or group of products and use your theming system to set the profile ID.

One Caveat

Unfortunately our application plugins don’t currently support assigning different profiles for different criteria. To set a different profile you’ll have to add this to the page:

<script type="text/javascript">
var addthis_config = addthis_config||{};
addthis_config.pubid = 'THE PROFILE ID';

Just replace THE PROFILE ID with the relevant profile ID.

If you’ve used multiple profiles on your site, let us know how! If you have any other questions about profiles, don’t hesitate to reach out.