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AMD + AddThis: A Case Study in Platform Pairing

We have been building infrastructure around real-time analysis of big data sets since 2006. Back when “big data” wasn’t a thing. Now, we process up to 300 terabytes of data per month. This is an unprecedented amount of incoming data that we process in real-time so it can be made useful and actionable for all of you.

Processing all of that data in real-time daily and optimizing for the fastest possible delivery of content and service puts extreme pressure on the hardware that supports it. Check out this case study put together with AMD about how we work together to ensure massive processing capabilities even in the face of record setting social sharing events like the 2012 Olympics – which passed last year’s Super Bowl as the most social sporting event by 106% with 4.95 million shares!

AMD Case Study Pic



  • An interesting read. The amount of data used per month is mid blowing. Back in 2006 I bet it had cost 10x more expensive, however with nowadays fast moving technology, this can be done cheaper and faster. AMD, without a doubt will stand strong in this sector. I am waiting to see what will the situation be like in 5 years time.

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    had no idea Phelps was so popular. This kind of data is so useful.