Getting Excited for Super Sunday?

It is that time again for America’s favorite sporting event, the Super Bowl. The ads, the halftime show, and of course the game all come together for a 4+ hour event that is celebrated with friends, family and food.

As we did last year we took a look at our data to see which brands are getting the most pre-game buzz and to see if the same data can help determine who is going to win the game.

Many brands have already released teasers to their Super Bowl ads and we took a look at two particular brand verticals to see if one brand is outperforming the others.


Mercedes Benz ad which stars Kate Upton has helped Mercedes jump out to an early lead among many contenders.


Budweiser which had a very popular pregame ad last year is again leading the pack with their ‘Lucky Chair’ teaser

Unlike last year’s game where the majority of Americans wanted to see the Giants win, this year the country is more divided at least geographically.


We are split right down the middle, but the geography only tells a small part of the story. The 49ers are generating 20% more buzz than the Ravens in the US, which if last year was any indicator, predicts a San Francisco victory.

As for the food we are going to consume on game day, it looks we are looking for low cal recipes by Guy Fieri on Pinterest and shopping for food at Costco.


I hope everyone enjoys the game and festivities. Come back on Monday to check out the advertising winners and losers and other in game social reactions.