Super Bowl Recap

Now that the victory parade has wrapped up, it’s time to recap this year’s Super Bowl. This year’s game definitely will be remembered for the power outage, the big lead the Ravens built, the great comeback that fell just short for the 49ers and, of course, the ads.

The Power Outage

The 34 minutes the Superdome in New Orleans was dark created huge buzz as everyone’s eyes moved away from the game and on to their 2nd screen devices. Brands took advantage of that moment and leveraged Twitter to promote their messages (e.g. Oreo “dunking in the dark”). Users leveraged Twitter, too – engagement  increased 34% during the power outage.


The Game

Buzz during the game was dominated early by the Ravens as they jumped out to a lead. The 49ers stormed back after the power outage but fell short of the comeback. Social mentions of the two teams during the game reflect that momentum swing.


The Ads

Coke and Gildan were the big winners in their respective categories for immediate social buzz after their ads aired, but it was Budweiser and Calvin Klein that sustained the highest brand lift from the game. Calvin Klein has also maintained the highest brand lift since the game. Mentions dropped only 35% since Sunday where mentions of Gildan have dropped 87%.




Based on social mentions, our interests were piqued by content related the following terms during Super Bowll XLVII.