4 Reasons Analytics Matter

The word “analytics” makes some people cringe. (Not us at AddThis! We love data!) But this sentiment is understandable because, for most people, analytics can become more of a frustrating information overload experience. And that’s, well, a total turn off.


Without analytics, though, you’re shooting in the dark. Here’s what analytics can help you with.

1. Avoid Following Misleading Information

Gut feelings, and personal impressions can be very misleading. Think about it. Your scope, or the perception of your colleague, can be very biased, and implementing a change that affects everyone (such as all the users of your site), can turn out to be a bad situation if you’ve made the wrong decision.

Before jumping to a conclusion, do your due diligence practices and check your analytics to see if the data supports your decision. Good data won’t be biased; it’s the good friend that won’t sugar-coat it for you, and help you avoid some headaches.

2. Take the Shorter Route

Supplementing your trial and error with data is a shorter route to reaching your goals. Analytics can tell you what you’re doing right or wrong, and give you a better indication of what you could do to improve. Maybe it tells you something really isn’t working––like your audience doesn’t care for your content about pies. (But seriously, who doesn’t like pie?)

On the flip side, maybe your strategy is working, and you should be spending more time on it. Maybe your users love your perspective on making pie crusts from scratch, and you should create tons more pie content!

3. Give You a Solid Foundation

What happens when you plant in good, fertile soil? Your seeds will grow and flourish. But what happens when you dig into dry, rocky soil? Your results won’t be as fruitful.

The same thing applies to building your website, even your business, upon analytics. The right data will enrich and fortify your ability to achieve your goals. It’s the only way to know the real lay of the land you need to deal with, and give you good indicators of what steps you should take next. It’ll always be there, as you improve and change, to continue feeding you the information you need to grow. Seriously, it’s your best friend. Take it from us.

4. Empower You

We completely understand the feeling of being overwhelmed with numbers, data, and figuring out what to do with it. It’s tempting to go with an idea without taking the time to look at your data. But with the AddThis Analytics Dashboard, your information is simplified for you.

The information about your site is imported into graphs, lists, and hyperlinks for you––all under your account. We’ll even email you a notification every week on how your site is doing.

Check out this blog post showing you how to set it up, and navigate through the dashboard.