The Turkish Protests: What the Data Shows

The protests in Turkey have undoubtedly caused a flurry of online activity. Our data allows us to see how people are sharing URLs in relation to the protests (for example, through Facebook, Twitter, and email), and how the protests affect behavior online. Here’s what the data has shown.


First, the volume of the events jumped in the end of May.

The most popular domain among the Turkish sharers and clickers is the entertainment site, followed by various news sites, such as,, and The share of the former dropped after May 28 (and the URLs became centered on news clips rather than music), the share of the latter surged.

All top 5 most shared and clicked links for each day in June are protest-related. Before May 28, the top links are entertainment.

Interestingly, the most clicked link in the whole 10 day period (and almost 10% after May 28) is a Psychiatric Association of Turkey Press Release expressing support for the protesters.

Note also that the click activity seems to be dropping off in the last 3 days. Could it be that the protests are petering out or just that the protesters are busy at work and there will be another surge on the weekend?