Father’s Day: Less Social but Not Less Important

Last month we took a look at how people were celebrating Mother’s Day, so it’s only fitting that we analyze activity around Father’s Day this month.

At a first glance, we found that Father’s Day is a significantly less social holiday than Mother’s Day.  The week prior to Mother’s Day had three times as many social mentions as the week prior to Father’s Day.

Even though Father’s Day has less social mentions, users are engaged with Father’s Day across social media, most commonly using address bar, Facebook, and Twitter.

Father's Day Social Services

While Mother’s Day is typically filled with brunch, flowers, and jewelry, dads can be tougher to shop and plan for.  Looking at what people are saying on the AddThis network, it seems like dads this year are going to receive a lot of homemade crafts and DIY gifts this year.

Father's Day Word Cloud

However, our top trending articles indicate that not all of dad’s gifts this year will be the result of crafty handiwork.  Whether your dad is into technology, sports, or sci-fi movies, there’s something out there for every dad.

Just because Father’s Day is less social doesn’t mean our dads are any less important to us.  Celebrate dads this weekend  with a homemade gift, tech gadget, or time spent with him on his special day!