AddThis Smart Layers: Personalizing the Web

Today, we’re democratizing awesomeness with the next generation of web tools. AddThis Smart Layers includes Share, Follow, Recommended Content and What’s Next tools all in one line of code. We’re bringing data and responsive technology together for publishers of all sizes in ways that have generally only been available to resource-heavy companies like Yahoo! or Amazon.


Smart Layers is designed to drive measurable outcomes––increasing engagement, traffic and monetization––for sites across all devices and platforms. Smart Layers is responsively designed, optimized and retina-ready for mobile, tablet, and desktop. One line of code and, Boom! It just works.

Smart Layers @ Work: Mobile & Personalized

Smart Layers puts the right social tools and content in the right place for every visitor. By personalizing the experience for each, visitors will spend more time on site, share more to their friends and buy more (for ecommerce sites). Check out this video to learn more.

Or, just look at our blog right here where you are now. If you visit this post on a mobile or tablet device, you’ll see how it changes. If you’re on desktop, see the sharing tool on the left? It’s personalized for you. Look up and to the right. You can easily become a fan or follower with the Follow Layer. Now, if you keep scrolling towards the bottom of this post, you’ll see personalized prompts appear through the What’s Next Layer and other AddThis content promoted in the Recommended Content Layers. This is all done with one line of code based on our expertise in content marketing and distribution.

Content Marketing and Distribution

AddThis is one of the most widely adopted technologies on the Internet today. We are leveraged by over 14 million unique websites on a monthly basis, and our technology was called over 1 trillion times in 2012. Many think of AddThis as a sharing company and we’ll continue to provide awesome sharing tools, but sharing is really a form of consumer to consumer content distribution and engagement. That’s our real mission—delivering engagement tools and services across advertising, publishing and e-commerce. Engagement happens on social sites like Twitter and Facebook, but it also happens on millions and millions of other small and large sites everyday.

Smart Layers is a natural next step in our evolution to personalize the web with powerful, easy-to-use engagement tools, empowering all sites to create rich content experiences.

We’re not done yet either. There’s so much more to do on personalization in the age of privacy. Regardless of the outcome of discussions about cookies and user privacy, we know that publishers, advertisers AND consumers all want relevant and rich content experiences on any device. With Smart Layers, we are delivering the tools to make that happen.

We believe in the power of the open web. Today is a milestone for us and we thank you for your continued feedback and ideas that inform all of our products and iterations. Now it’s your turn. Take Smart Layers for a test drive with our live demo. Make your site smarter with AddThis Smart Layers.

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July 30: Update made to clarify content.