How to Make Smart Layers Talk Your Talk

Smart Layers is an extremely user-friendly tool. It’s designed to invite your visitors to share your content, show them cool content, and even try to convince them to stay in touch with you on your social networks. But to some of your visitors, Smart Layers may come across a little “stiff.” Just like your parents and grandparents, Smart Layers isn’t always up on the latest slang or teen vernacular. That’s why you can customize!

Depending on your audience, you may want to tell Smart Layers how to talk to your visitors. For example, Smart Layers will automatically tell your visitors:

Thanks for sharing!

That probably sounds OK to most of you, but if your site/blog is dedicated to connecting people who love medieval role-playing, it might be more appropriate to have Smart Layers tell your visitors this instead:

Thank ye good sir for spreading the word of our fine site!

So using the Smart Layers API, you can teach Smart Layers what to say to your visitors. To accomplish the above, you will modify your Smart Layers code to look like this:

  'share' : { 
    'postShareTitle' : 'Thank ye good sir for spreading the word of our fine site!' 

By copying and pasting the above code, your page will show just the Share Layer. But after your visitors share something, they would see the following:


And you probably noticed how the sub-title says:

Recommended for you

Obviously, it should say:

On the honor of my site, I bid thou visit these pages:

To get this, you’ll have to modify your code again to look like this:

  'share' : { 
    'postShareTitle' : 'Thank ye good sir for spreading the word of our fine site!',
    'postShareRecommendedMsg' : 'On the honor of my site, I bid thou visit these pages:' 

And it’ll show up as this:


Customize Away, Ye Lad

Smart Layers provide a number of messages you can customize. For example, you can customize the message shown after a visitor shares, or the message after a visitor follows, and even the messages in the What’s Next Layer. (That includes a share message, follow message, and recommended content message).

With all those customizations, you can really make Smart Layers talk the way your audience does. So make Smart Layers one of the cool kids who not only walks the walk, but also talks the talk. Good luck, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to post questions in the comments below or visit our Support Portal.

  • smart layers was working fine and then disappeared on my stores yesterday for no reason. Did the same thing on a friends site. Are you having a problem with it right now?

  • Well, I recopied and pasted the code in today and now it’s working again. Didn’t see anything different so no clue why :P

  • Let us know if you run into any other problems. Feel free to email us directly:

  • Is there a way to put addthis in a question2answer ?

  • We’re not familiar with Question2Answer, but if you’re able to add HTML and JavaScript, you should be able to.

  • Jared

    I’ve noticed a twitching glitch when using Chrome (mobile) on pages that use the addthis follow and share smart layer. It happens on my website and this one as well. Not sure if it’s a Chrome bug or if it’s on your side. Also PLEASE tell me how to change the size of the mobile Smart Layer boxes at the bottom! I find that it’s too tall for liking.

  • We haven’t had this issue reported before. Can you email us more information including your phone type and operating system version so we can look into it?

  • jared

    You got it

  • PaloAltitude

    We get the same thing — for us it’s when there’s a before Layers offers up suggestions at the bottom of the page. When they do pop up, it causes some page twitching. In other words, the page jumps up and down a little. It can be unnerving.

  • Interesting. Can you also email us the details so we can take a look? Please include your URL, browser info, and screenshots if you can. Our email:

  • How do I make sure the share layers stay off the content and sit in the whitespace beside the content

  • One option is to add the responsive option to specify the width that the desktop buttons should appear. If you’re using Pro, that’s in the dashboard, but if you’re using Smart Layers, you can use the API for that. If you want us to take a look at your site, email us your URL to!