Send Us to Austin! Vote for Our SxSWi Panel “The Privacy Collision Course”

Like many others (around 4,000 in fact), we pitched our panel idea to the upcoming SxSWi event. And you’re probably getting swamped with “Please vote for my panel” messages. But we’re going to ask you anyway. Vote for our panel, “The Privacy Collision Course!”

Here’s why we need your vote, and why this session important.

1. Privacy is a hot topic.

And we have something to say about it! We’re passionate about responsible data usage, and want to be a part of the conversation and part of the solution.

2. Panel discussions help drive consensus.

Having been in the business for years while honoring industry standards related to privacy, we want to offer our expertise on a panel that could help shape outcomes on the topic.

3. We’ll take an AddThis Penguin with us!

Our office penguins haven’t been to Austin, so they’d be stoked if they could go!

Appy's Penguin

Read more about the session here.

Help us add this cool detail to our repertoire. Send us to SxSWi by signing up on PanelPicker, and then go to our Panel Page to vote! Also tell your friends!