4 Troubleshooting Tips When You Can’t See AddThis

I frequently see support cases of AddThis disappearing from a publisher’s site without warning, and we’re unable to duplicate the issue on our end. These cases are largely caused by network connection issues on the user’s end, so here’s a quick primer on how to diagnose the reason we’re not showing up for you.


1. Try Visiting AddThis.com

The first thing you should try is to visit our home page. If you can’t visit us or get an error, then the problem is something on your end. If you can, but you still don’t see our buttons on your page, you should then try visiting the subdomains of AddThis that make everything work. These are s7.addthis.com and ct5.addthis.com where you should see this:

    A world of dew, 
    and within every dewdrop 
    a world of struggle

Now let’s look into what can cause problems connecting to AddThis.

2. Check for Anti-malware Software & Modifications

Because of the nature of AddThis’s product, we sometimes get blocked by software designed to protect you from malware. If you have trouble connecting to AddThis, try disabling this software temporarily.

Another common tactic for blocking malware is to use hosts files, such as this one. If you look through the one that’s provided you’ll see there are a few entries that re-route AddThis subdomains to the localhost address. This will have the effect of breaking AddThis across the Internet, including on your site.

3. Look at JavaScript-blocking extensions

Some extensions, such as Ghostery, allow you to block tracking cookies. These rules are often very broad, meaning that something that blocks “ad” will end up blocking everything with “ad” in it, including AddThis. To make sure none of your extensions are blocking AddThis, try disabling them or opening up an “Incognito” or “Private browsing” window. This should disable all extensions.

4. Check for DNS and Network-based issues

Sometimes the issue isn’t caused by software you’re running locally. For instance, many companies put their employees behind web proxies to block sites that violate company policy, such as social networking sites. As you can see, this might be an issue if you’re using AddThis. To determine if this is an issue, try viewing your site from a computer outside of the network you’re on.

If you’re still seeing issues, there might be a problem with the DNS you’re using. You’ll have to talk with your network manager or ISP to determine why your DNS isn’t resolving our domain names correctly.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email!