Back to School: Ivy Leagues vs State Schools

With the temperatures cooling down and students heading back to school, our Education segment has been top of mind. Many colleges and universities, such as George Washington University, use our tools on page and others, like Notre Dame, use AddThis for paid media services.


To get in the Back to School spirit, we analyzed the difference in online behaviors between Ivy League students and students at the largest U.S. state schools. This information is based on online activity in the past two weeks.

Ivy League State School
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Likely to be looking for an internship Likely to be looking for a job
Browser of choice is Internet Explorer Safari Browser of choice is Google Chrome
Drink wine Drink hard alcohol and beer
3x more likely to use a Mac vs PC 2x more likely to use a Mac vs PC
Likely to shop on Amazon for Back to School items Likely to shop at Walmart for Back to School items
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College students are at a life decision stage, which makes access to college audiences extremely powerful. Brands and products that college students are buying today are likely to be the brands they purchase for the rest of their lives.

As you can see from the above comparison, there are differences in college audiences and their online behaviors. Want to reach a UPenn Quaker or a Michigan Wolverine? Contact us.

Update 9/3/13: We meant to say Ivy Leaguers prefer to use Safari––not IE. Big difference. ;)