Fantasy Football, NFL Regular Season Kickoff is What Everyone’s Talking About

Last week we watched the college football season kick off, and tonight we’ll be watching the NFL regular season begin! The 8:30PM ET matchup will feature the 2013 Superbowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens, as they take on the #4 ranked Denver Broncos.


We decided to look at social mentions for the two teams to see who has been getting the most buzz during the pre-season and the days leading up to the big game. We see the spikes in social mentions on the days of pre-season games for each of the teams. On August 29th, when the teams both had games, we see the Broncos social mentions largely outnumbering social mentions for the Ravens. Social mentions are neck-in-neck as we approach tonight’s game.

Football Kickoff

For many, the beginning of football season also means the beginning of Fantasy Football. Below we see the geographic intensity of Fantasy Football fans. Users in Illinois have shown the strongest interest in Fantasy Football in the past two weeks! The Midwest is the most interested in the virtual team-building competition.

Fantasy Football Geo

Whether you’ve been working on your draft this week or are just watching for fun, tonight’s game will be the start of another fall football season. We’re looking forward to those cooler Sundays filled with friends, finger foods, and rooting for our favorite teams! Which team are you rooting for?