Helping a Family Get Through Airport Security: Design Thinking at NoVA UX

Design Thinking Workshop

For this month’s NoVA UX meetup we tried something a little different, a hands-on workshop on Design Thinking. The workshop was led by Kit Unger, Director of UX at 3pillar Global, and John Whalen, whose company Brilliant Experience sponsored the event.

Design Thinking is a collaborative, human-centered approach to solving a wide range of complex problems. This hands-on workshop stepped through several stages of the design thinking process: understanding user’s needs, framing a problem for creative solutions, ideating, prototyping, and testing.

The problem we posed to the group was a tricky one: help a family of five with considerable challenges make their way through airport security more easily. We split everyone up into teams, and after quickly coming up with ideas each team chose their favorite to prototype and present to the group. The winning prototype offered a fun theme-park-like ride that was both secure and less scary for the kids.

Design Thinking Workshop winning team

To learn more about design thinking, check out John’s kickoff slides. If you’d like to join us at a future event, check out the NoVA UX meetup site.