[UPDATE: Bottom Positioning Now Available!] Wibiya Users, We Have Great Solutions for You!

We heard the news, Wibiya Users, and transitioning to a new tool might be challenging but we are here to help! AddThis offers an easy-to-implement solution so don’t miss a beat when it comes to engaging with your customers and visitors. You have a site to run, and we want to help make this change the least of your worries.

Welcome Bar

The AddThis Welcome Bar is also free, and will give your site a compelling engagement opportunity for your visitors with these features:

  • Display an Audience Targeting rule for your visitors to share, follow, or go to a specific page
  • Change the colors to match your site
  • Pick when and how the Welcome Bar will appear
  • Target audiences with specific messages based on where they came from
  • Empower your content strategy with our top-notch analytics dashboard
  • One piece of easy-to-install code that’s FREE
  • Bottom-page positioning (see instructions below)

How to Position the Bar at the Bottom

To place your Welcome Bar at the bottom of your page, all you need to do is add "position": "bottom", right underneath the{ code. It’ll look something like this:{
    "position": "bottom",
    "message": "Do you want a welcome bar?",
    "backgroundColor": "#000000",
    "buttonColor": "#098DF4",
    "buttonTextColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "textColor": "#FFFFFF",
    "action": {
        "type": "button",
        "text": "Yes!",
        "verb": "link",
        "url": ""

If you’re using rules, you should add "position": "bottom", right after the{ and before 'default': {}, 'rules':[] like so:{"position": "bottom", 'default':{
	"backgroundColor": "#00000",
	"buttonColor": "#098DF4",
	"textColor": "#FFFFFF",
	"buttonTextColor": "#FFFFFF",
		"name": "HelloKitty",
		"message": "Check it out!",
		"action": {
			"type": "button",
			"text": "Booyah",
			"verb": "share",
			"service": "preferred"

You’re welcome to try it out now, and grab your own customized code.

The Welcome Bar isn’t the only thing we have to offer. You can also strengthen content engagement on your site with our full suite of tools called Smart Layers. From Sharing and Following, to Recommended Content and the AddThis Welcome Bar, Smart Layers tools are powered by the massive AddThis data pool which helps you create more personalized experiences for your users.

AddThis tools can be seen on over 14 million domains and 1.3 billion users across the world. We’d love for you to join our growing and passionate community of users. We’re here to help you implement a smooth transition before the end of this year. Please reach out to us for any questions you may have. Feel free to comment below, or send us an email. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, too.

Update 10.22.13: Bottom positioning now available. New code added to the blog post.

  • JS

    When is bottom positioning coming?? (more specific than ‘soon’ if possible)

  • Our team’s working on it! We’ll keep you posted. :)

  • Good no know. I want this bar in my blog and in my Ning community.

  • That’s great! Let us know if you have any questions about adding it to your site.

  • JS, it’s now available! Just add this line "position": "bottom", right underneath{

  • JS

    Just tried that and it’s not working for me (still showing at top.) See here:

  • Since you had a default object, it didn’t work. Try replacing your AddThis code with this one:{“position”: “bottom”, ‘default’:{
    “backgroundColor”: “#F9F9F9”,
    “buttonColor”: “#F3CE13”,
    “textColor”: “#000000”,
    “buttonTextColor”: “#000”,

    “name”: “AnyOther”,
    “message”: “Take a look at some of our working clients!”,
    “action”: {
    “type”: “button”,
    “text”: “IMDb”,
    “verb”: “share”,
    “service”: “preferred”

  • JS

    Thanks. Did that and it still is not working (not at top anymore either.) I put it between the tags. Obviously I’m missing something here.

  • It should work if it’s right above the tag. If that doesn’t work, why don’t you email us at so we can get this working for you quickly. :)

  • JS

    Just emailed. Thanks.

  • I sent a detailed message to AddThis Support about the new Welcome Bar and two problems I found with it while changing the CSS since it was way too high, took up too much screen real-estate for my tastes so I shaved about 20px off of it and added a nice 1px bottom boarder to give the bar some character. Here are the problems I found:

    1) Cookies do not distinguish between new and returning visitors after the second visit.

    2) The collapse button is mainly cut off of the screen and the open button is totally missing.

    I know that Monday can be hard for you but when do you think this will be addressed, I sent my ticket over the weekend.

    From past experience I know these issues can take several months to fix so I tried to patch it myself as best as I could, but since I don’t have access to your code I couldn’t patch it very good with CSS overwrites.

  • We have received your email, and our team will respond to it as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!