Social Series: Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals

With the World Series game times set, we’re looking at the social implications of the championship. This year’s matchup between the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox includes two deserving teams with a lot of history, but how do the two compare socially?


First, we looked at social sharing and clicking for the two teams during October. Overall, the Red Sox are ahead for social clicks and shares, and saw a greater increase after their Saturday win clinched the American League spot. The Cardinals saw their biggest increase in social sharing and clicking after their October 7th victory that kept them alive in the series against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Labeled World Series

Next, we looked at which social services Red Sox fans and Cardinals fans are using to share content about their teams. The two teams are neck-in-neck for Facebook sharing, but Red Sox fans are more likely to share their team’s content to Twitter while Cardinals fans are sharing via Email.

World Series-Social

Geographically speaking, the Red Sox dominated the Northeast with users in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire most socially engaged with Red Sox content. The Cardinals home state of Missouri generated the most social interest for the team, followed by Kansas and South Dakota.

Large sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Series generate additional online buzz and provide insight into users’ online behavior. Interested in reaching a specific sports audience? Contact us.