Who Are Your Influencers?

Publishers seeking to lift their site above the noise may have already tried engaging an influencer in one way or another. But while there’s a generally accepted definition of “influencers,” there isn’t one specific group of people that fall into that category for every single publisher.


What are influencers anyway?

Typically, you may think of an influencer as an online personality with a high Klout score and a large following. Yet another publisher may think of an influencer as a trendsetter, or even an activist with a smaller-yet-highly-active following.

These definitions are all correct. The reason publishers identify different “types” of influencers is because those who’d influence their own audience won’t necessarily be an influencer in another. Whoever they deem an influencer is an influencer to them––and that’s all that matters. (A great explanation of this is laid out in a Salesforce post from earlier this year.) At the end of the day, the definition that matters to you, to your site, is whatever type of influencer you view to be a source of help to reach your goals.

Who are your influencers?

At AddThis, we’ve summed it up to call those who shared and brought traffic to your site your influencers. These are the visitors who took the time to share your page with their network––wherever that may be––and essentially broaden your site’s reach by bringing new traffic. They may not necessarily be the influencers of another publisher, but they sure are yours, and you don’t want to leave them on the wayside.

Viewing your influencers this way forces you to cast a wider net in your strategy, yet it’s worth the work because these influencers are just waiting to engage more with your site. Think about it: they’ve already been compelled to share your content, to engage with you already. What you thought could be a cold call to this new audience isn’t so cold after all.

What now?

Thinking about your influencers this way can help you understand why your content is the best way to engage with them––and make them fall in love with you. You can quote me on this: engaging content is the way into an influencer’s heart.

Begin engaging your influencers by checking into your AddThis analytics dashboard to see what your influencers are up to. You’ll learn a lot about your influencers by seeing how they engaged with your content. And going forward, this knowledge will help you make more informed, data-driven decisions on your content engagement strategy.

So now, go forth and engage!