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6 Lessons We Learned from Halloween Data Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]

While the annual celebration of Halloween is known for its costume parties, trick-or-treating, and haunted houses, social trends for the holiday change year to year. Using data from the AddThis network, we found what people are most interested in this Halloween, and exactly how you can use that data to drive engagement for your brand.


If you frequent your AddThis analytics, you’ll already be familiar with how data can really help you understand your audience. This month, we took a dive to see what the buzz was about, and picked up on trends that hinted at best practices and tips that can be applied to any publisher. For example, there was a lot of buzz around Monsters, Inc., Despicable Me Minions, and Lady Gaga dog costumes. By being “in the know” about what your audience is talking about, you can create content that’s relevant and engaging to them. This is the beauty of data-driven decision making, and we can help you get started.


  • I believe this is 100% true !
    Desktops are usually abandoned in holidays, and most use mobiles to check their social media sites. And that makes it more important to optimize websites for mobile phones.

  • Exactly! Thanks for stopping by, Dima. Have you seen the need to change to more mobile friendly content in your own experience?

  • Yes, I found that it is very important to have mobile friendly content. Through statistics, more and more visitors come from mobile devices.
    Ah, by the way, congratulations on your new smart layers AddThis plugin, very interesting! I am downloading the plugin for my WordPress blog :)

  • That’s awesome, thanks! Once you add it, send us the URL of your site so we can check it out. :)

  • OK, I have just installed the plugin, but I can only see the follow and share bars, is that normal, though I activated the four features.

    Here is the link to my blog :

  • Hi Dima, it looks like you did everything correctly! :) The Recommended and What’s Next Layers can take some time to populate; it all depends on the amount of traffic you get, and the number of blog posts you have. But check back with us if you don’t see it working after a few days.