AddThis Social Icons Go Flat

I’m excited to announce that our team has updated our product icons to the a new flat and minimal style! The new icons are modern, vibrant, and will elevate the design of any website—including yours!


We didn’t roll out the new, sleek flat designs “just because”; we have reasons for making the change, all of which aim to increase content engagement on your site. Our new flat icons come with a few advantages.

Advantage #1: Less fat, same great taste.


We’ve reduced our icon sizes by approximately 40%. That means the social service images that load on your page, load faster. Less is more.

Advantage #2: They can increase engagement.

side layer

We tested the new icons on our blog, and saw a click increase of 48%! That’s massive! We want our tools to increase engagement on your site as well, prompting your visitors to click or share at the right time.

Advantage #3: Flat icons are automatically updated for you.


That’s right, you didn’t have to deploy new code or edit any templates! The new icons rolled out this morning, so if you have Smart Layers installed on your site, you should already be seeing the changes.

So, to conclude, the reason we love the new flat design is because it’s faster, sleeker, and prone to help you reach your site goals. If you have any questions, feel free to visit our support page, or leave them in the comment box below.