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Designing for Google Glass: November’s NoVA UX Meetup


For the November NoVA UX meetup at AddThis HQ, coding architect and Lucid Technics partner David Hodge demonstrated what it’s like to use and design for Google Glass. David shared general design principles behind the Google Glass interface, such as:

  • A user’s “timeline,” similar to a Facebook feed but much simpler
  • The initial starting menu of things you can do with Glass
  • Subscribing to apps
  • Location management
  • Contacts integration

He also shared useful design strategies such as keeping user interface “friction” low by minimizing the amount of text and using dark backgrounds for timeline “cards.”

David wrapped up his talk with a mini-workshop in which attendees sketched out Glass interfaces that he quickly prototyped, followed by Q&A. A fascinating evening!

To see David’s slides and a video archive of his talk, check out the original event.

  • Good morning,

    What relationship does Google Glass have with AddThis PRO?

    Will we be seeing an AddThis PRO release this week?

  • Hi there, this was just this month’s meetup topic for NoVA UX which is hosted at AddThis HQ. As for AddThis Pro, please be patient. If you’ve signed up for the emails, we’ll notify you once it becomes available!

  • Yes, I have signed up for the AddThis PRO email a few weeks ago but did not receive any confirmation that I’m on the list so I’m kind of freaking out, please confirm that I’m on the list because I don’t want to miss out on this launch. My Gmail username that I signed up with is: lsesheila

  • You’re on the list. :) Thanks for your excitement and patience!