6 Tips Publishers Should Have in Their Back Pockets

With the new year just around the corner, don’t be caught with your pants down without these tips/suggestions in your back pockets. (Did you catch the pun there?) ;)

1. Get on the Responsive Design Train

Mobile ready, mobile now! If you’ve been slacking/pushing it off, now’s the time to bring that idea into the front burner, and crank it out. More and more sites are getting responsive, as more and more people use their phones as a primary want to connect to the internet. (Btw, Smart Layers is mobile-ready.)

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2. Load AddThis Asynchronously

Doing this on the forefront would avoid the hassle later. We have code snippets ready for you to plug-and-play right into your tags. Here’s some more bedtime reading on using AddThis dynamically.

3. Place Content on Your Page Methodically

If you’re thinking about a site redesign/shuffle in 2014, be methodical on how and where you place your content and social sharing buttons. Smart Layers takes the guess work out of the equation since its design is backed by research and data. So think about how you can help your users navigate your site easily. (Psst! Personalize!)

4. Let Personalization Do the Work

Speaking of personalizing, take advantage of our data and use our preferred option over standardizing the list of social buttons that show up on your site. By using preferred services, your site will give each of your visitors a list of social networks they’d most likely want to share your content to that may not be on your list of top 5 networks.

5. Mix and Match Buttons

Encourage your visitors to take an action with your content by placing buttons in the right place. In addition to Smart Layers, you can use native buttons, such as the Facebook Like button, giving your visitors another way to share your content without leaving your site. Your existing fans would appreciate you limiting the steps they need to take.

6. Feed Your Analytics

Did you know you might be missing a big piece of your analytics? Enabling address bar can give you more insight into how your visitors are sharing your content through copy/pasting your site URL rather than clicking on a social share button. You don’t have to worry about the extra string appended to the URL; search engines ignore code that comes after a # symbol in an URL, which means this code won’t affect your SEO. Learn more about what address bar sharing can show you.

What other resources do you carry in your backpocket? Share ideas/thoughts with our blog community!

  • Attention: Using data_track_addressbar: true will cause duplicate content to trend in both the Recommended/Trending Content social plugins, example: domain dot com#randomvalue1 domain dot com#randomvalue2 domain dot com#randomvalue3 will all trend which makes no sense at all, image if Twitter Trends had the same content trending only with different random values attached. I would suggest publishers not use this tracking feature in conjunction with the Recommended/Trending Content social plugins or else you’ll have duplicate trends listed causing end-user dissatisfaction because when end-users click on these duplicate recommended/trending content links it will take them right back to the very exact same page they were just on.

    It appears AddThis social plugins cannot distinguish the difference between links that are exactly identical except for the random value at the end. As I’m sure you realize this is a very simple fix on your end, so no big deal, hope the fix rolls out soon. To fix this problem, simply set a rule to merge all random values connected to the same link when displaying them via the Recommended/Trending Content social plugins, simple.

    Until the fix does roll-out for the Recommended/Trending Content social plugins I believe I’ll turn my link tracking off as a temporary solution while waiting for the patch. Nevertheless I want to say thanks for all of the great work you and your team do for all of us each day.

    In other news, it would be nice to allow publishers to display all four pieces of information being a title/link/image/description in their Recommended/Trending Content social plugins rather than only some of this information scattered about. Links and titles in conjunction with images next to them get 200% more clicks so it’s kind of a big deal and a description really goes a long ways too for increasing clicks. Have a wonderful day team.

  • FYI: Fix your Disqus CSS because the very important see more button text is the same color as your background making it impossible for all of us to see. O_O I suggest using either a white or orange bold font to match the current color scheme on the button words that say: see more.

  • We would need to see it in action. Can you please email us the URL and info to In the future, please send support inquiries to that email address directly.

  • We’re working on resolving the issues with the comments, but thanks for letting us know!

  • The problem described takes place right on the very link of this comment.

    This is not a support inquiry, just a reworded general comment that I made over a month ago on this blog but when you changed your Disqus thread ID all of my comments went missing and I see you did not migrate the old comments over so thus the reason for the repost.

    Now if you make me part of the team such as a beta tester then I might be willing to spend more time with you troubleshooting bugs, but otherwise this is a lot of work for me to do with really no reward besides the patches I get 2 or 3 months after I report issues, I’d like more incentive than just that.

  • You’re right; the problems with the comment platform are one we’re aware of and working to resolve. Thanks for letting us know! As for your earlier comment about the address bar tracking issue, if you haven’t emailed us yet, please do so and we’ll look into it.

  • Romano Dowbusz

    Tested smart layers on an older phone but found the footer to be sticky and getting in the way of content.

  • Thank you for the easy to use instructions to add Smart Layers. I already added it to my blogger. I could not find an option to add it to tumblr. Am I missing someting?

  • Did you email our support team? If not, send us a message with your URL so we can check it out:

  • You can just generate the code and paste it directly into your site’s theme.

  • mdzia1242

    heby naise

  • Yes. That’s the only option offerred. I just thoght there might be an easy way to do it like Blogger. I’ll try that.

  • I think 2014 will see some of the best new websites yet. With Google changing the way they do things, and people starting to really take responsive design seriously, we should see some really good stuff next year.

  • diogenes

    Is all this social media worth the bother. My target is consumers needing lawyers and legal help across Canada. People needing lawyers tend to not be teen age giggling girls who are the main users of twitter. Twats twitting?

  • Dong Kyu Lee