Top Seven AddThis Support Questions of 2013

With new product releases and upgrades this year, we received a variety of questions for support. We thought it’d be useful for you, our user, to get a quick roundup of the most popularly asked questions this year, so you have it handy in case you need it!


1. How do I get the right images to show up in Recommended Content?

Our Recommended Content Layer is a great way to surface popular content and keep people on your site, but there’s some set up you need to do first to get the images and titles to show up correctly. Here’s some info on how you can easily set up your Open Graph meta tags properly.

2. How do I filter out certain links from showing up in my Recommended Content?

The algorithm that chooses the content for the Recommended Content Layer and What’s Next Layer uses views, shares, and clicks to determine what shows up. Sometimes you don’t want some content showing up there, such as a specific category or page. Here’s how you can filter the feed.

3. Is there a way to fix the images and text when I share to Facebook?

This is one issue that’s not necessarily in our control. If you have your Open Graph tags set correctly, your page’s title, description, and thumbnail should show correctly when you’re sharing to Facebook. But if they don’t, you can use Facebook’s URL Debugger to figure out what Facebook is seeing when it scrapes your URL. The Open Graph protocol site also has great tips for tagging your content.

4. How can I customize the AddThis email template?

Quite a few people had questions about customizing the emails that are sent using the AddThis email tool. Our documentation on email templates should have you covered.

5. I have the tools on my site but how can I get AddThis analytics on them?

If you implemented AddThis without registering you won’t be seeing AddThis analytics for them. Take advantage of your analytics from when you first installed AddThis tools by first registering with AddThis, and then sending an email to with your site’s URL to get started.

6. Can I pick which social networks show up on my site’s sharing buttons?

By default most AddThis services use algorithms to personalize the services and content shown. Our testing has shown that these greatly increase social activity, but some users prefer more control. Here’s instructions for our sharing buttons and Share Layer.

7. My AddThis buttons are gone. Help!

Although we try very hard to make our tools have a small footprint and few conflicts with JavaScript and CSS, from time to time conflicts with other JavaScript/CSS on the page still happen. We listed a few tips in this blog post to help you debug JavaScript and CSS.

Are there any other questions you have for us? Feel free to email us with any of your questions!