2013: A Year Worth Sharing [Infographic]

We have lots of traditions this time of year, and one of the most popular traditions we have is to take a look back at the year in social sharing. Even though 2013 lacked an Olympics or Presidential election we still saw social activity increase 32% across the web across our 14M websites and 1.5B unique users. We have seen the networks people share to change and the ways people share change over the years, but one thing is constant, our love of generating an infographic on the year’s top sharing trends.


  • There’s a wealth of information in this thing. Thanks for creating it. Sharing. Pinning. Posting. Tweeting.

  • Fantastic data! Thanks for creating this infographic! I’m so glad I chose to specialize in Pinterest!

  • That’s great, Anna! Glad you found it useful!

  • You’re awesome, Phyllis, thanks so much!

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    very good infographic. Thanks for sharing.

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    hmmm cannot get over the royal baby sharing in the US?…

  • Interesting numbers… wish you success! :-) :-)

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    Everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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    Great infographic AddThis!

  • Awesome graphic thanks

  • Will be sharing. Nice article. Interesting to see that Windows is still so popular, and that Chrome is number 2. The growth of India isn’t surprising, as web and SEO labor there is so cheap

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    Finally! A place to see how/where our social data is working! Thanks. I still like apple products. Love the way everything of mine automatically syncs when I enter my home. My iPad, iFon and Apple computer.

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    All in one. The best one can find on the net. Definitely the best sharing ever!

  • started to take advantage from the addThis context menu (right mouse click) – e.g. pinterest can fetch sometimes a picture faster this way.

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    I still like the apple products. Since we have a uniform

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    I am so new to this.I know I must add a photo to gain credibility.Having a blast.Thanks.

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    cool, although i am abit disappointed that xbox lost over ps

  • wow! Russia is 4th! Where USA is?

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    Thank you

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    Ask http://androidmarket wap code using what?

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    Obrigada! Feliz Ano Novo!

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    So what, I work in RTA and I see spikes every day.

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    Interesting data. Surprising to see some of the usual suspects for popular sharing sites weren’t higher up on the list.

  • Good point. It’s interesting to see such a large number of people sharing by copy/pasting URLs.

  • Lol, maybe it’ll be different in 2014!

  • Sweet! Glad you’re using that functionality!

  • It’s definitely interesting to see how sharing is growing in the BRIC countries. Thanks for sharing our post!

  • Thanks, Nathan!

  • Lol, it was a really popular topic (as you can tell). :)

  • You’re among a big number of Apple fans! It will be interesting to see how device sharing patterns will look like in 2014. Thanks for stopping by!

  • In that chart, we just compared sharing trends within the BRIC countries only.

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    Is it okay, if we use the infographic on our website – of course with linked credit to AddThis?

  • Absolutely! And thanks for doing so!

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  • It’s funny to look back at this now in 2017.