10 Most Popular Blog Posts on AddThis in 2013

From updates to product releases (ahem, Smart Layers, ahem), we have to say we had a pretty good year here at AddThis. And thanks to you, our loyal community, we were able to get great feedback that helped improve our tools. We appreciate your support!

10 Most Popular Blog Posts on AddThis in 2013

Here are the top 10 blog posts from this year. Enjoy!

10. Introducing Smart Layers

This summer, we had one of our biggest product launches to date. Smart Layers’ single piece of code packages an easier, out-of-the-box suite of engagement tools geared to help increase traffic to your site. The tools float over your site so not to disrupt your design. And it’s free!

9. A World Without Search Data

When Google announced their intent to encrypt search keywords, many asked the question, “What do we do now?” Our post reminds you that search data is only a piece of the pie.

8. Smart Layers is Now a Plugin

Adding Smart Layers to your site just got easier. Without the need to know any code, WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla users are able to reap the benefits of Smart Layers by adding the plugin to their site.

7. Building a Distributed System with Akka Remote Actors

We love telling stories about our experience trying new things. This year, our team of engineers used Akka remote actors to build a distributed system, SAM.

6. Our Social Icons Go Flat

In our effort to always improve the tools for you (our users), we did our research to best optimize the social icons used in our sharing tools.

5. Important Website Tips You Need to Know

The new year is a great time to set start fresh––that includes your website design! To help you, we put together 6 tips you should keep in your back pocket.

4. How to Create Engaging Content

Need some creative juice? Here are 10 tips you can easily implement to make your content more engaging for your site visitors.

3. Infographic of Sharing Trends in 2013

A great way to predict next year’s trends, is looking at what happened this year. We put together a recap of 2013’s greatest sharing trends––which includes an overall decline of sharing to Facebook and an increase on Pinterest!

2. Performance Optimizing for Smart Layers

This is a post for the developer interested in knowing what our team does to optimize our tools.

1. Tips for Using an Android Emulator

Developers also found this article to be useful in helping them use an Android emulator when testing. Here are tips our own team found helpful when developing Smart Layers.

Were there any other blog posts you liked from this year? Share them in the comments!