Gamers Show Their Social Sharing Preferences

Video games make up a large portion of the retail and entertainment industry, and its enormous fan base is actively sharing their achievements, insights, and other gaming content on social.


Over a year ago, Nintendo released their newest console, the Wii U, and this past fall, both Sony and Microsoft released their latest consoles: the PS4 and Xbox One, respectively. In our year-end infographic, we published data showing that PS4 users drove 46% more engagement than Xbox One users in 2013.

So we decided to take a closer look at different video game genres to see if there is a difference in sharing preferences. We looked at racing games, shooter games, and sports games.

Gamers Show their Social Preferences

We found that Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon were the services of choice for sharing. While Facebook was most popular for racing and shooter games, StumbleUpon took the cake for sports games.

game genre

The type of content shared also differs between categories of video games. Racing game enthusiasts tend to share content about cheats and reviews, while shooter game players share trailers and information on new game releases. Sports gamers tend to share product pages for the games.

And while mobile and desktop engagement was equal for racing and shooter games, sports games were shared via mobile 10% more than desktop. For all three genres, iOS was the preferred social engagement device over Android.

Even within video games, social engagement habits vary across categories. Knowing your audience’s social service of choice, likely shared content, and device used can help engage your ideal audience. We can help you with that.

Are you a gamer? Where do you share your achievements?