Getting Ready for a Super Superbowl Sunday

On Sunday, we’ll all gather around our TVs, phones and tablets to watch the Super Bowl XLVIII. Whether you are watching as a diehard Seahawks or Broncos fan, or just tuning in for Bruno Mars and the commercials, the day captures the majority of Americans attention as almost any national holiday.


The social world has been buzzing for the last two weeks getting ready for the big game. People are pinning recipes on Pinterest for their parties, Tweeting about the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, and sharing the Duracell commercial of deaf Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman on Facebook.

The Game, Teams and Players

So let’s breakdown the data leading up to the game. Where are supporters and sharers of the Seahawks (green) and Broncos (orange) living?

If you’re a Seahawks fan, you’re 4X more likely to share on Twitter than a Broncos fan. While fans of the Broncos and Peyton Manning are 29% more likely to share on Facebook than Seahawk fans.

The big stories leading up to the Super Bowl have been Richard Sherman, making up 25% of all Seahawks shares, and the weather leading up to the game.

The Ads

Brands are in the habit of releasing sneak previews of their ads. One example, Bud Light––thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger––has seen a 21% increase in social sharing since launching their campaign. On the other hand Dannon Oikos has reunited part of the cast of Full House yet hasn’t see similar lift (down 1%) since announcing the strategy.

  • Pequinn

    I have loved the Seahawks since their first season, 1976 and I believe my whole family feels the same with the exception of my daughter Trish who spent a great deal of her life in the Bay area who is 49rs all the way but a good sport if the seahawks beat them.

    Seattle is an extrodinary fan base, well before the Seahawks came along the “Huskies” always had a packed house.
    The Washington Huskies have won 15 Pacific-10 Conference championships, seven Rose Bowl titles, and four national championships recognized by the NCAA.[3][4]Washington’s all-time record of 679-423-50 ranks 19th by all-time winning percentage and 22nd by all-time victories.[5] The team has two of the nation’s longest winning streaks, including an NCAA second-best of 39 wins in a row, holds the Division I-A unbeaten record at 63 consecutive games,[6] and has had a total of twelve unbeaten seasons, including seven perfect seasons.[7] Washington is one of four charter members of what became the Pacific-12 Conference and one of only two schools with uninterrupted membership from the beginning.[8] From 1977 through 2003, Washington had 27 consecutive non-losing seasons—the most of any team in the Pac-12 and the 14th longest streak by an NCAA Division I-A team.[9] Through the 2011 season, its 357 conference victories rank second in conference history.[10] The Huskies play on campus in historic Husky Stadium and are currently coached by Chris Petersen.

    Washington is often referred to as one of the top Quarterback U’s due to the long history of quarterbacks playing in the National Football League (NFL), including the second-most QB starts in NFL history.[11] All but two of the last 19 starting quarterbacksdating back to 1970 have gone on to the NFL, the most recent being Jake Locker, drafted eighth overall by the Tennessee Titans in the 2011 NFL Draft.

    So as you can see, football has been huge to Seattlites since way before our beloved Seahawks came along.

    Seattle will win it’s first of many Super Bowls starting 2-2-2014 by defeating the Denver Broncos.

  • javier ruiz alvarez

    First time in my live, when championships start I `m in love, excite, vibrant, energy in my heart. My head up and my health up at this time.
    Thanks for all.