Getting Ready for a Super Superbowl Sunday

On Sunday, we’ll all gather around our TVs, phones and tablets to watch the Super Bowl XLVIII. Whether you are watching as a diehard Seahawks or Broncos fan, or just tuning in for Bruno Mars and the commercials, the day captures the majority of Americans attention as almost any national holiday.


The social world has been buzzing for the last two weeks getting ready for the big game. People are pinning recipes on Pinterest for their parties, Tweeting about the Seahawks’ Richard Sherman, and sharing the Duracell commercial of deaf Seahawks fullback Derrick Coleman on Facebook.

The Game, Teams and Players

So let’s breakdown the data leading up to the game. Where are supporters and sharers of the Seahawks (green) and Broncos (orange) living?

If you’re a Seahawks fan, you’re 4X more likely to share on Twitter than a Broncos fan. While fans of the Broncos and Peyton Manning are 29% more likely to share on Facebook than Seahawk fans.

The big stories leading up to the Super Bowl have been Richard Sherman, making up 25% of all Seahawks shares, and the weather leading up to the game.

The Ads

Brands are in the habit of releasing sneak previews of their ads. One example, Bud Light––thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger––has seen a 21% increase in social sharing since launching their campaign. On the other hand Dannon Oikos has reunited part of the cast of Full House yet hasn’t see similar lift (down 1%) since announcing the strategy.