Designing AddThis Pro

Throughout the design and development process for our latest product, AddThis Pro, we made some bold design decisions based on user feedback, and I wanted to share some of the thinking behind them.

Back to Basics

When we started our research, we went back to our roots. We asked bloggers and website owners what they expected with a product called “AddThis Pro.” Their answer was simple: they wanted a faster way to install their tools, easy-to-digest analytics, and modern design aesthetics across the board.

The chart above captures some of the most important things they requested, and that was the beginning of our design journey.

Streamlining Tool Installation

In order to make tool installation faster, we started by removing steps needed to generate code (or “get the code”) for their tools.

We want our community to feel like they are getting an added benefit with Pro, where they can quickly preview their tools, and turn them on/off from a simple visual gallery, functioning more like a mobile app store. The experience of customizing and adding tools to their site should be easy. Tools should be turned on and off with a single tap, and they should go live on their sites instantaneously.

Pulling the Pieces Together

Once a blogger installs their tools, we wanted them to be able to quickly measure performance, and see which tools drive the most traffic and engagement to their site. This requires analytics that are more tool-centric, and focused around the clicks a Pro user would get on their site. The new AddThis Pro dashboard centralizes the Analytics and Tool Gallery, making their AddThis experience smoother.

Our Design Vision

One of the most important elements of our design process is that we wanted our users to feel like our product was thoughtful, beautiful, mobile, fast, and forward-leaning. With each new iteration of AddThis tools, we strive to subtract clutter. Rather than be distracted by an interface, we want our users to get back to what they love most: blogging, sharing, curating, building communities, and making the web a better place.

I’d love to hear back from you. Have you started a trial with AddThis Pro yet? What do you think of the new design experience?