Liberty Mutual, Samsung Drive Olympics Social Engagement with New Ads

As the Sochi Olympics begin to wind down, we’ve seen a change in the brand sponsors generating the strongest social engagement in the past week. Domestically, Visa has taken over for largest increase in social engagement during the past week.

Their commercials featuring ski jumper Sarah Hendrickson and flashbacks to prior Winter Games appeal to viewers’ emotions by making us realize how far we’ve come.

Liberty Mutual’s new ad featuring Heidi Kloser, who was injured before the games began, proved to be a valuable tactic for driving engagement.


Worldwide, we see Samsung generating engagement earlier in the week. Perhaps their new ad inspiring us to stage our own Olympics caused users to engage with the brand.


As for content, we looked at the U.S. and the #3 medal spot, the Netherlands. Residents in these countries are moving away from sports-related content and toward touching news stories and national events related to the Olympics.