Ring Mishaps, Pink Eye, and Eva Samkova: Highlights of the 2014 Sochi Olympics

One would think the Sochi Olympics was about the ring mishap, stray dogs, and Bob Costas’s pink eye, but there was a lot of sports playing, too!


The final medal results are in, we saw a lot of interesting social data come out of it. Here are the highlights.

Eva Samkova was the hottest Olympian.

And by hot, I mean she had the largest increase in social mentions, of course. Eva’s painted mustache and gold medal in snowboarding was a hit with the crowd, a 500%+ increase in mentions.

olympic athletes 2014

Figure skating was weak at the ankles, but strong on social.

The women’s figure skating event was considered the biggest upset of the Sochi Olympics, but the sport’s social popularity was another story. Good or bad, figure skating had the largest number of social mentions during the course of the Olympics.

We also saw that ice hockey actually was the sport with the largest increase in social mentions during the Olympics.

sports olympics

Of the top four competitors, gold medalist Adelina Sotnikova and bronze medalist Carolina Kostner had larger increases in social mentions than 2010 champion (and expected winner Yuna Kim.

figure skating

Chobani brought home the gold.

Even though the yogurt never made it to Sochi, Chobani got the gold for social mentions, with an increase of 414%! McDonald’s and Visa were close behind, though, with increases of 137% and 79% respectively.

Russia Tweets and the U.S. Facebooks.

Globally, Facebook was top place to share Olympic content. In the U.S., Facebook was the top place to share Olympic content, accounting for 34% of shared content. In host country Russia, Twitter was the place to share Olympic content, with 35%.

We’re definitely going to miss laughing at the mishaps and cheering for our favorite athletes, but hey! Now’s we’ve got the Summer 2016 Olympics to look forward to!

What were your favorite moments of the Sochi Olympics?