What’s Happenin’ Around the Social Web? Feb 28 – Mar 6

With our tools on over 14 million domains and reaching 1.6 billion unique customers a month, we decided to start taking a look at what pieces of content are shared the most each week. For February 28th thru March 6th, here’s what we saw shared the most in the U.S.

Ellen Oscar Selfie: The most retweeted tweet!Image Source: Twitter.com/TheEllenShow

Oscars Style and Beauty

The Oscars are meant to celebrate achievements in the film industry but have also become a big night for the fashion industry.
One of this week’s most popular posts reviews best (and worst) dressed celebrities, as well as makeup and hair trends from the big night.

Nearly 500 Ways to Make a Yoga Mat Sandwich

A few weeks ago, Subway was the first food company to receive complaints about azodicarbonamide (ADA) in their bread, which is a component of common items like flip flops and yoga mats. The Environmental Working Group published a list of 500 food items that contain ADA. Yikes!

National Pancake Day at IHOP

Speaking of delicious food, IHOP continued its 8th year of giving away a free short stack to customers in exchange for a requested donation to charity. This year’s charity was Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals with a goal of $3 million.

Giant Crodile Causes Beach Closure in Australia

A 12-foot crocodile was spotted in the surf zone at Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia causing the beach to close for the day. According to the article, it was an unusual sighting for an area that usually fears great white sharks.

Ellen’s Oscar Pizza Guy Gets His Tip

Edgar Martirosyan thought he was delivering pizza to a group of writers on Sunday and ended up serving the pie to Jared Leto, Julia Roberts, and Brad Pitt. Ellen gave the franchise owner a $1,000 tip on her show. How much do you envy that guy?!

That’s a wrap for this week! We’ll have more for you next Friday AM. In the meantime, what other news caught your attention this week?