Why Upgrade to AddThis Pro? One: Because It’s Easy.

If you already have a previous version of AddThis tools on your website, upgrading your account to AddThis Pro is easy.


Why upgrade to AddThis Pro?

More tools and less coding. Whether you’re using Smart Layers, a basic version of our code, or simply the Welcome Bar, you’ve already got AddThis code on your page. And upgrading to a Pro account requires no additional code changes to your site.

What can AddThis Pro do for my site?

Increase traffic and engagement while making your site look great. If you’re looking to invest in bringing more traffic and engagement on your site, but don’t have a large budget, AddThis Pro can help you with that.

From the Pro dashboard, you can now benefit from the Smart Layers tools by controling and customizing from your dash without having to change your code. This includes the Sharing Sidebar, which is unobtrusively presented to your site visitors when they scroll. That way it’s there the moment they want to share!

You can also add new tools (that are exclusive to Pros only) designed to keep traffic on your site, like the Content Sidebar and Drawer, which will personalize the content recommendations for each of your visitors.


Personalization is the practice of tailoring your site to the wants of each of your visitors. Hence, making their experience on your site personal to them.

Pro tools tap into the power of AddThis behavioral data to recommend articles from within your site based on each of your visitors’ off-domain behavior. The result: to keep your visitors on site longer while increasing engagement metrics, like sharing. No more guesswork for you. The tools do it all for you. Here’s a blog post if you want to learn more.

What else do I get with an AddThis Pro account?

New exclusive tools. AddThis Pro lets you apply tools without changing code plus there are two new tools not available in the basic edition. The Content Recommendation Sidebar and Drawer are designed to give each of your visitors a personalized set of content recommendations to help you keep your visitors on your site longer. Note: this is recommended reading of your own content – so don’t worry your traffic is not being redirected to other sites!

Ok. How do I upgrade to Pro?

Visit our Features page to learn more simply click on your billing page to upgrade today!

  • RJ

    Hi, checking this out and had two important questions…

    Since Addthis Pro is no longer a free service but websites pay a premium price to use & customize it, does it:

    (a) Have the option to not drop any of your cookies on visitors?

    (b) Have the option to “white label” and not show your branding?

    If it doesn’t have both of these things, it absolutely should! $12 a month is the cost, and non-free product versions have natural expectations coming with them.

  • Hi RJ, thanks for reaching out and giving us your feedback. The basic version of AddThis will always be free, and we’ll continue to enhance the free set of tools moving forward.

    We don’t promote an option to opt-out of cookies and that’s because the cookie data in aggregate across all sites helps make AddThis tools smarter, and that benefits all users of AddThis tools. For example, showing the right sharing buttons to each visitor and recommending content based on browser history so you’ll get more shares, more engagement and ultimately more traffic! This is a big part of why our tools help increase traffic and engagement to sites. In addition, AddThis Pro provides you with dashboard control and different ways to recommend and promote content that are above the fold.

    In answering your other question, we don’t offer a “white label” version of the tools. It’s an important part of our branding strategy to show the logo, and by doing so we are also adhering to industry best practices (IAB) for recommended content units. It’s important for all your site visitors to understand which company is driving that recommended content.

    Thanks for taking the time to post, it’s really valuable for us to hear from our customers so stay tuned even more features for AddThis Pro!


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  • Shir


    I think $12/month is a bit too much. There are some plugins who does the same for one time payment. I think you have over-priced this service.

    Also, I wish you could make it more elegant, since not all websites follow this trendy desing, and forcing my client to add such colors that dominate the page is kind of harsh. Another thing is that these icons usually does not recognized with share and more with profile links, so it can be very confusing.

  • We’re glad to hear your feedback, Shir. We are in the process of adding more features to Pro soon, which are in line with what you suggested.

  • Dentart

    With respect, is it not important for site visitors to think the site being visited is driving the recommended content, rather than AddThis? While I could well understand such an approach for your free service, it seems a bit unreasonable to ask customers to pay for your premium service, but still push your branding rather than that of the site in question.

  • That’s a valid question, Dentart, and thanks for bringing it up. The reason we show our branding on the recommended content units is because we adhere to the IAB best practices. This is an industry standard so that site visitors clearly understand which company is driving that content recommendation.

  • That’s a valid question, Dentart, and thanks for bringing it up. The reason we show our branding on the recommended content units is because we adhere to the IAB best practices. This is an industry standard so that site visitors clearly understand which company is driving that content recommendation.

  • Cillian Erhardt

    Dentart makes a good point. If your tools make it possible for me to drive my own recommendations for my own content, why do I (or my visitors) need your logo on it, instead of mine? Using my brand’s logo instead of the AddThis logo would still adhere to IAB Best practices by showing who is driving content recommendation.

    I think this is something you’ll need to address, as people make alternative choices.