What’s Happenin’ Around the Social Web? Mar 14 – Mar 20

With Pi Day, St. Patrick’s Day festivities, and the start of March Madness, the web was loaded with interesting content being shared this week. Here are some of the top pieces shared.


The Cupcake Kid Gets His Cupcakes

Three-year-old Mateo’s argument with his mom over having a cupcake for dinner went viral, and their appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show was one of the top shared pieces of content this week. Mateo got not just one, but a whole tower of superhero-themed cupcakes, and his mother, Linda, received a weekend spa package.

Shamrock-Shaped Recipes

Pinterest users were in a celebratory mood early in the week, and were sharing these Saint Patrick’s Day themed recipes. They would have made a festive addition to any get-together for the holiday! Did you bake anything for St. Paddy’s Day?

Jackpot! Chris Hayes’ First-Ever Tweet is Solid Twitter Gold

Political commentator Chris Hayes may have created his Twitter account nearly seven years ago, but his tweet was uncovered again this week and got some serious attention. The tweet reads: “Looking out the window and quietly crying into my sweater.” In celebration of its 8th birthday, Twitter is making it easy to find anyone’s first tweet.

Wine Drinkers Rejoice! Michigan’s BYOW Law Now in Effect

Michigan put a new law into action allowing customers to bring their own bottle of wine to restaurants. The average markup on wine at restaurants is 2.75X, which means potential cost savings for consumers who bring their own. However, businesses can set their own corkage fee of up to $25, so be sure to call ahead!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Bash SeaWorld, Bring Awesome Back

The documentary Blackfish has been causing controversy since its premiere in January 2013. Blackfish focuses on Tillikim, a killer whale at SeaWorld involved in the deaths of three humans, and draws awareness around keeping animals in captivity. Even with celebrities like Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake speaking out, SeaWorld has managed to maintain revenue growth.

What stories got your attention this week?