To Reach Millennial Shoppers, Go on Facebook and Write About Baseball


Millennials grew up on the Internet, are use social networks to post their interests and opinions, as well as spreading and ingesting information. Because of their high engagement rates with online content, we can paint a picture about the brands millennials like, where they engage with them, and the content that makes them engage.  An action a millennial takes online, such as sharing his or her favorite clothing brand’s sale to their Facebook friends, can give us insight into the millennial retail industry.

With temperatures warming up, millennials are engaging with retail brands as they seek out sandals and shorts to replace sweaters and boots. We looked at online click and share data for the last 30 days (March 8th to April 7th) to see how users are engaging with millennial-targeting retail brands.

First of all, who are these millennial brand advocates?

To get a sense of who they are, we took a look at our proprietary anonymous data to see users who are likely to share content about millennial retail brands and what their other likely online activity is after sharing this content. We found that this group is most interested in sports, health, current events, and style/fashion. In fact, they are over 2X more interested in these four categories than they are in any other categories, including entertainment, food, and education. The top interest categories also skew high on our network when compared to average interest.

Millennial brand advocates keep up with professional sports (especially baseball), they watch national news (they’re informed about current events), they aim for a healthy lifestyle, and they have a strong interest in beauty products––3X more interested in hair products than other cosmetics, in fact.

But what retail content are they engaging with?

New store locations. Millennial retail advocates tend to click and share the retail content when new store locations are announced. We found that expansion into new countries generates strong social interest!

Timely apparel. Unique apparel that isn’t worn year-round, like St. Patrick’s Day shirts, or mocks pop culture is very popular for engagement. If you have a product that fits this criteria, be sure to share it on social networks to generate traffic.

Steep discounts (50% and up). We found that content for millennial brand sales is clicked and shared the most when discounts reach the 50% mark. Sales in the 25%-30% off area did generate some engagement, but the 50% point is where the content tends to be clicked and shared the most.

Where are they?

Users who’d most likely engage (click/share) with these types of content are heavily concentrated in in Nebraska, Utah, Illinois, New York, and Colorado.

And what social networks are they engaging in?

As visualized in the chart below, the Facebook Like button and Facebook (the network) take the cake for sharing millenial retail content, while clicking happens most via the Facebook Like button and Twitter.  To clarify, Facebook Like occurs when you take an action such as “liking” a piece of web content.  Facebook is tracking when you share a piece of content about a millenial brand.

Millenial Retail Services

And there you have it. If you’re reaching out to the millennial retail audience, you now know which social networks and buttons they interact with the most, and what type of content gets them talking about a brand.

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