Site Spotlight: Merchtable

For a number of years, Merchtable has been using free AddThis tools to increase sharing across all of their online stores. When they wanted to take it further, they upgraded to AddThis Pro for its advanced content recommendations to show visitors related products that they might be interested in. The result was very pleasing.

merch table blog post

Merchtable helps artists and entertainers create and sell merchandise in their own online stores. The company partners with artists like Major Lazer and Mad Decent to internet sensation Texts from Bennett get the word out on t-shirts, stickers, plushes and just about any other product they can dream up.

The team at Merchtable takes this process from start to finish, helping to design new concepts, source them, manufacture, and ship them for their customers. They do it with a small team that includes design, photography, screen printer, and a developer.

“We’ve been using AddThis tools for years, so from day one the product recommendations have been relevant based on what people have been sharing,” says Merchtable co-founder Burton Parker. “And we know right away when an item is trending because it shows up in the recommendations.”

When Merchtable did a ticket presale promotion, they added the AddThis Pro tools and saw a significant result. In the month after adding the Pro content recommendation tools, Merchtable reported a 41% increase in pageviews. In addition, they say gross sales increase by 25% in one month.

“It would be hard for a small team like ours to build a recommendation tool like this, especially backed with the social data from AddThis, so this has been an awesome tool that is helping us build our business.”

Want to check out the Pro content recommendation widgets for yourself? Try AddThis Pro on your site.