Athletic Consumers Cut Coupons, Use Apple Devices, and Share to Facebook


With temperatures warming up and summer right around the corner, it’s time for little league games, pick up soccer matches, and getting in shape for upcoming vacations. But before we jump into these activities, we need the proper athletic equipment, shoes, and clothes. Right? We decided to see who the sports retail advocates are at this time of year, and how we can find them online.

First of all, who are these sports retail advocates?

To get a sense of who they are, we took a look at our proprietary anonymous data to see users who share content about sports retail brands, and what their other likely online activity is after sharing this content. We found that they’re 1.5X more likely to be using a desktop when engaging with content about sports retail brands. When it comes to mobile, they’re 2X more likely to be found using an iPad or iPhone than Android device.

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Sports retail brand advocates are couponers, pet owners, parents, and DIY-ers. They use coupon aggregators, read couponing blogs, and look at coupon sites for specific retailers they frequent. They are over 3X more likely to own a dog than a cat. They enjoy creating crafts at home with their children, and read cooking blogs to create healthy and family-friendly meals.

What sports retail brand content are they engaging with?

1. Coupons and Promo Codes – Brand advocates keep an eye on weekly ads for items they don’t need right away and coupons that are 20% off and above.

2. Specific brands at Sports Retail Stores – Brand advocates also know they want apparel from a specific brand like Nike and engage with content when that brand is offered at a sports retail store.

Where do they live?

Users who engage with sports retail content are most likely to live in Florida, West Virginia, and Colorado.

What social networks are they using?

We found that sports retail brand advocates are most likely to share content about the brand through email and Facebook. Clicked content about sports retail brands is most common on Facebook and Address Bar (copy/paste). Clicking and sharing content about sports retail brands happens the most on Sundays.

For sports retail brand advocates, little league games, and squeezing in that morning run are just a portion of their lives. They also have children to care for, home projects to complete, and coupons to clip. Now we know where they spend their time online!

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