Stop Losing Traffic to Bad Pages. Promote and Hide!


Not all your content is created equal. Most blogs and sites have pages that are necessary for the functionality of the site, like category and author pages on your blog. Although they may be viewed a lot by your visitors, it may not be a page you want your content recommendation widgets showing your visitors. Does this sound familiar?

At the same time, you may have campaigns running that you want all eyes on. With either scenario, we have a simple solution!

Promote the “Wanted Content”

Got an event coming up? Or how about a fundraiser? Get all eyes on that registration page or article by promoting it in the first cell of your content recommendation widgets. Like the picture above, and the screenshot below, you can plug in the URL of the page you want to display in one––or all––of the content recommendation tools you have activated in your account. We allow you to promote one URL per widget, so just paste in the URL, choose the widget, and you’re done!

Promoting URLs in AddThis Pro

Hide the “Unwanted Content”

Hiding “unwanted” content is a tidbit that many content publishers using content recommendation tools may not think about, and the fact that those pages are viewed a lot, your visitors may be seeing and clicking on it from your widget. Instead of “losing” that valuable traffic to those pages, you can hide those pages from ever showing up in your content tools.

The Pro Dashboard has a couple of ways to hide URLs from appearing within your content recommendation widgets. The first method is to navigate to the Recommended tab on the left side and then click the Hide Content link at the top. From here, just paste in the URL that you’d like hidden from all content recommendation widgets.

Hiding Content with AddThis Pro

The second method is to navigate to the Recommended tab on the left and then hover over the content that you’d like to hide from appearing within the recommendation widgets. Just click the Hide button that appears and that content will no longer appear.

Hiding Content with AddThis Pro

Advanced Hiding Using linkFilter

For publishers that have a lot of content that needs to be hidden, the ability to hide content based on URL or title patterns can be handy. For this advanced feature, you’ll need to add some additional code to your pages that have our recommendation widgets. So if you’re code-savvy, check out this support page on advanced link filtering.

That’s it! With these two simple features, you can pull your traffic into your most relevant and important content, as well as prevent any of them getting lost in your “unwanted” content. If you need some help getting started, email us at!