How Cool Rental Guide Increased Sharing 140% with AddThis Pro

Photo via Cool Rental Guide Photo via Cool Rental Guide

The team behind The Cool Rental Guide has been using free AddThis tools for years, describing them as the only “must-have” plugin for every web project. They were also an early adopter of our AddThis Pro tools and have been using them to drive their business with great results.

“One of the biggest challenges in the beginning was getting the word out about our website and its resources,” says Co-Founder Tim Wills. “Naturally we wanted out content to be social, so we naturally looked to AddThis for a social solution.”

Their website started out as a way to help people find unique vacation rentals throughout Europe. You can find houses for any type of vacation, from a rural retreat to a luxury house by the sea. The project is going so well that The Cool Rental Guide is working on plans to expand beyond Europe soon!

The Cool Rental Guide uses AddThis content recommendation widgets to help them find other vacation rentals that are personalized to their current listings and their interests.

“We have used AddThis Pro’s ability to feature content to boost pageviews of particular listings by 30%,” Wills says.

The team at The Cool Rental Guide is at the forefront of the mobile web, with 55% of their traffic coming from mobile devices and growing. With such a large mobile audience, they were quick to take advantage of our new mobile sharing toolbar. Adding the toolbar for mobile users helped them increase overall sharing by 140%!

One of Wills’ favorite things about AddThis Pro is that we’re constantly coming out with new tools.

“We love trying out new tools as soon as they hit the Pro tool gallery,” he says. “And more so, we love the results we’re getting from them.”

You can try out the same mobile sharing toolbar that The Cool Rental Guide is using by signing up for AddThis Pro.