Deeper Analytics Insight with New 72 Hour View


When you see a spike or dip in your AddThis analytics, you might ask yourself: what just happened? When did this happen and how does it compare to previous days around the same time? These are important questions to shape a content strategy that works. And we’re happy to say, we just added a new feature in your Pro analytics that’ll give you a better view of what’s happening on your site: the 72 hour view in analytics.

After releasing AddThis Pro in February, we received some great feedback from all of you asking us to improve the lens of your analytics. When you log into your Pro dashboard, you’ll now be able to pick a “Last 72 hours” range and see what’s been happening on your site for the past three days.

This granular view allows you to see changes to patterns of social activity on your site a lot quicker after making configuration changes or deploying new tools––you don’t need to wait until the next day to see results. So while the 24 hour view (in Basic analytics) gives you an immediate picture of your site’s activity, and a week-long range gives you a historical perspective, the new 72 hour view gives you a great snapshot of how your latest content is performing so you can make decisions and strike while the iron’s hot.

With the 72 hour view you can also compare recent activity on your site to same time yesterday and the day before––a feature the 24 hour view doesn’t give you. And we know it can be incredibly advantageous to know your peak engagement times, and the peak times to post on social media. (It also doesn’t hurt to know what trends are going on in the web.)

We’re also considering other additions to analytics, so comment below on which ones you want to see the most in your Pro dashboard:

  • Look further back past last 72 hours with hour granularity
  • Sub-hour granularity
  • Historical single day view with hourly breakdown
  • Ability to include hours within custom date ranges
  • Real time stream of activity
  • Alert email signup to know when AddThis detects a spike in activity

We hope you’ll use this new feature to optimize your content strategy in real time. Sign into your dashboard and check it out now!