3 Reasons to Have Content Recommendation Widgets Above the Fold

AddThis Content Recommendation Widget

Getting more traffic is a big investment for website owners but they sometimes miss an effective method of getting there. Content recommendation widgets can maximize paid media strategies to get more followers and more pageviews to your website.

To get more engagement with your content, there are lots of options to choose from, including paid search, email, social marketing and everything in between. While one could debate about the best paid media strategies for any particular website, the desired outcome is often far less controversial: more traffic and engagement.

There’s so much focus on getting more traffic that the engagement part of the equation often gets left behind. That’s why if you really want to get the most our of your paid media strategies, you need to do everything possible to get your visitors to click more on your widgets, view more pages and increase engagement with your content. Engagement is more than just sharing to Facebook. Think of engagement as everything from sharing on social to bookmarking to emailing and even printing. And you can see all that engagement activity in your AddThis dashboard.

One thing to keep in mind is when you have recommended content for your visitors, it has to be at just the right time. While it’s common to place recommended content at the bottom of the article for your visitors to see when they’re done reading, there are compelling reasons to also have content recommendation widgets above the fold of your pages.

1. Readers don’t always get to the end of an article.

It’s important to consider that not all your visitors will finish reading your article. In fact, many visitors drop off a page quickly because they determined the content isn’t what they were looking for or interested in. So in these cases your reader will never see the recommended content at the end of the article, which is why you’d want them to get content recommendations in front of them before they go away.

2. It’s easy to test.

When you sign into your AddThis Pro dashboard, you can easily choose one of two content recommendation widgets that sit above the fold. Then watch what happens. You might see an increase in engagement (and ideally, an increase time on site) along with a good indicator of how your site’s content is engaging your visitors.

3. Maximize your investment in driving traffic.

It takes money and effort to get visitors to your site, so get more out of your paid media investment by giving those visitors a way to stay on your site longer. Even if you’re not paying for in traffic, having content recommendation widgets above the fold in addition to having it at the bottom of the article will ultimately drive more views, clicks, and shares of your content, and will ultimately leading to more traffic back to your site.

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