What’s Happenin’ Around the Social Web? May 16 – 22

A memorable graduation speech, a successful marriage against the odds, and Memorial Day ideas are part of this week’s top shared content. Let’s see what was shared the most on our network this week!

Always Sunny in Philadelphia Actor Gives The “Only Graduation Speech You Need to Hear”

Charlie Day, the popular It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor, spoke at the commencement for his alma mater Merrimack College this weekend. He told stories from his time as an undergraduate and as a struggling actor in New York City. He gave advice to recent graduates about not letting fear stop them and making their own break instead of waiting for their big break.

People Were Stunned When She Chose To Marry Him. 3 Years Later, Things Couldn’t Be Better

A tragic accident left Ian unable to walk, talk, or care for himself. His college girlfriend married him three years ago, becoming both his wife and his caretaker. An inspiring video of how the couple is doing now was shared across the web this week.

Veterans Affairs Official Resigns as White House Says There’s ‘Just a Suggestion’ of Scandal

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been in hot water this week. They were accused of lying about how long veterans had to wait to get medical care and many veterans have died waiting for appointments. A top official was forced to resign last Friday, and the story is still unfolding. Twitter was the top place to share content about the Department of Veterans Affairs this week, making up 30% of shared content on the topic.

The Pregnant Woman Sudan Wants to Hang for Marrying a Christian

A pregnant Sudanese woman is appealing an Islamic judge’s decision that she be punished for marrying a Christian man. Her crime is officially apostasy. The ruling also stated that her marriage to a Christian man is not recognized in Islamic law, so she committed adultery.

Great DIY Memorial Day BBQ Ideas

The long weekend and kickoff to the summer season are right around the corner! People were sharing BBQ ideas and recipes this week in preparation. Whether you’re heading out of town or enjoying a staycation, enjoy the long weekend! Facebook was the top place to share Memorial Day content with 35% of sharing.

What stories did you share this week?