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What’s Happenin’ Around the Social Web? May 30-June 6

This week’s top shared content includes a 91-year-old marathoner, a Jimmy Fallon segment, and a $2 Billion sale of the LA Clippers.  Read on to see other top shared content!

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91-Year-Old to Run Sunday’s San Diego Marathon

Harriette Thompson is not your typical 91-year-old.  The cancer survivor and Charlotte, NC resident raced in her 15th marathon on Sunday at the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon.  She completed the race in 7 hours and 7 minutes, which was a record time for a woman 90 years and older.  A whopping 87% of content about the marathoner was shared to Facebook.

Gerbils and Fanny Packs – Ricky Gervais Plays Word Games with Jimmy Fallon

Ricky Gervais, the English comedian and actor, was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week.  Fallon challenged Gervais to a game of Word Sneak, where they had to secretly slip words into a conversation.  Words included gerbils, fanny pack, sloppy joe, and squeegee.

Dolphins Guide Scientists to Rescue Suicidal Girl

A group of researchers were following a school of dolphins near Los Angeles, CA.  One dolphin suddenly changed direction and the rest of the dolphins followed.  The dolphins were headed toward an 18-year-old girl who, the team later found out, was attempting to commit suicide.  While there isn’t sufficient evidence to conclude that dolphins save humans, their actions did help bring medical care to this girl.

Steve Ballmer Bids $2 Billion for Clippers

Former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer purchased the LA Clippers for $2B from the Sterling family.  Sterling’s wife Shelley Sterling was the sole trustee and had the power to deal directly with interested parties.  An agreement was signed late last week and sent directly to the NBA for approval.  Twitter sharing made up 32% of the content shared about the transaction.

Deployed Dad Surprises Daughter at Graduation

A North Dakota teen got her graduation gift when her deployed father made a surprise appearance at her high school graduation.  Her father is a member of the Air Force and was deployed to Cuba.

What content did you share this week?