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What’s New In Your AddThis Dashboard

It’s a big day here at AddThis! Not only do all of our users get access to a new dashboard that makes it easier than ever to manage your website tools, we have new widgets and features designed to help you grow your traffic. Let’s take a look at what they are!


Take Control with the New Dashboard

Previously an exclusive Pro feature, the dashboard is now available to our free users as well! You can see your new dashboard and easily activate your widgets by just signing into your account.

What’s so awesome about the dashboard? You can turn tools on and off, edit your tool settings, and manage your account—without having to change your code.


Once you activate new tools, you’ll also see how many shares, follows and clicks they generate on your site. These streamlined analytics will help you see how well your AddThis tools are working, and try out new tools to increase engagement with your visitors. (You can still access the classic analytics view through the user dropdown in the dashboard for the time being.)


Personalized Content Recommendations

Now we’re offering seven different content recommendation widgets that work with pretty much any website! These widgets show recommended content to your visitors based popularity as well as our social data. They’re designed to help increase recirculation (i.e. more clicks) on your site by showing them most relevant articles.

Adding content recommendations to your site is a great way of using social data from your AddThis tools to show more relevant content to visitors. Join the over 100,000 websites already using our content recommendations powered by social data from 14 million domains using AddThis!

Custom Widgets for Pro Subscribers

Pro subscribers are also going to see new things in their tool gallery. Starting today, you’ll have access to three new exclusive tools. Check out the custom share and follow buttons, where you can now customize and activate the tools to look the way you want them to.


Pros will also see the brand New Recommended Content Toaster that shows your visitors, not one, but two content recommendations as they scroll down the page. This comes on top of the personalized content recommendations in Pro that result in a 50% increase in recommended content clicks for subscribers.


What the Future Holds

Many of our new features and tools came from suggestions we received from you—our community! Tell us what you think about these new tools, your new widget ideas, and new features or enhancements that you’ve always been dreaming of. We’re always looking for new and interesting ways that we can help you grow your website.


  • This is fantastic news! I’ve seen the new content recommendation toaster here on your website and I was hoping we would get it soon. I already activated it on my website, and I love it!

    Thanks for this update!

  • dave

    Awesome, I’m glad you’re liking them. Maybe we can can catch up about other features that we’re cooking up to get your thoughts. I’ll send you an email later this week.

  • Sounds great!

  • You’re so awesome, Christian!

  • Ashley Utley

    Can we get the email newsletter buttons as a tool? Going to a support article to do it is pretty annoying compared to what it used to be…

  • leo

    So, what if, I use AddThis on two sites?
    Do I now need two accounts, one for each site?

  • Thanks! :-D

  • Dave

    Great question! The best way is to use two profiles under your same user account. You can manage them in the profile dropdown at the top right of the dashboard.

  • Dave

    Thanks for your feedback. We’ll take another look at how to make newsletters easier.

  • siamme

    Did I activate “add this pro” somehow?
    in the code I get says “AddThis Pro BEGIN” and “AddThis Pro END”

  • dave

    Good catch! That code snippet can be used for AddThis Basic now and it looks like we forgot to update the code snippet.

  • siamme

    AhhhH… OK. Thanks :D

  • Luv it, really great! But… what happened to Smart Layers? Why isn’t it visible in the dashboard? When I tried to get to the Smart Layers code builder from documentation, I clicked on the link which got me back to an overview of everything (follow, share, recommend…) except smart layers…

    I tested on one of my blogs, had to configure the follow part after I changed the share part coz that part of my smart layers wasn’t working anymore. So, in the end, I’m quite confused.

  • dave

    Hello, you Rebel you! You can still activate all of the layers that were part of Smart Layers in your dashboard. We have so many tools now that we wanted to make it easy to activate just the tools you want.

    When you log into the dashboard, activate the individual sharing, following and recommended content tools. The first time you make a change, you’ll need to set up your tools in the dashboard. Anything that is active there should appear on your site.

    After that, you can make all the changes you want without having to keep coming back to get new code.

  • Yes this is what I was waiting for to subscribe to Pro. What I would still really like to see is a total share count for the responsive sharing buttons, and also the option to enable individual share counts on that as well. Also it looks like the new customizable sharing buttons on the Pro account can either have all counts, or no counts. It would be great to get an explicit option to ONLY show the total share count there as well.

  • dave

    Awesome feedback. We’re planning our next moves and will definitely take these requests into account.

  • Wow this looks fabulous.
    I’ve just registered so I’ll be playing around with the dashboard.

  • Nora Firestone

    I was wondering the same about where Smart Layers had gone. Thanks for the update :)
    All the upgrades and Pro features are excellent. Thanks!

  • Nora

    Great upgrades to free and new tools in Pro! This is exciting news for me, as a website designer, as well as for my clients and DIY website workshoppers. Thanks for bringing me onboard with the launch!
    Nora Firestone
    Step-by-Step Presentations

  • Thanks Keith! Let us know when you have your new tools in action so we can check them out. :)

  • Thanks Nora! Let us know if you have any feedback for us.

  • Nora

    Will do :)

  • dave

    We’re actually working on a concept like that. I sent you an email and would be interested in getting your feedback.

  • Jungle Rebel

    Thx for the explanation, gonna check that out today :-) I luv your products and I’m going pro coz I think you deserve getting paid for all the work u put in.

    Aren’t there any plans to make the site in other languages? I’ve got French speaking blogger friends who would love to use AddThis but are not so fluent in English.

  • siamme

    Hi guys. Could we have a “hide on homepage” for the “Sharing Buttons”?

  • Since the code here is a all you need to do is not add this code in the homepage HTML. Does that help?

  • siamme

    Thanks for the reply.
    I’m using it in a blogspot, and adding the code in each post works well. If you’re in the post page, the shared link is the proper one, but if you’re in the homepage (you can see several posts each one with the sharing buttons) you’d be sharing the homepage.

  • Gotcha. Can you send us an email to We have some instructions that might help!

  • Gotcha. Can you send us an email to We have some instructions that might help!

  • Will you update the wordpress plugin or make everything into a single plugin or we need to use custom codes for each feature?

  • GREAT question! We’re planning on updating the WP plugin. Stay tuned!

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