• Great stuff! I loved that big jumbo share thing, and I will be using it prominently on my website redesign (which is coming soon). Can’t wait to test it.

    I tried the mobile what’s next and it’s not showing the titles of the articles suggested. Could it be that they are too long? I’ll do more tests later.

    Great job, guys!

  • Dave

    Hey Christian – glad to hear that you like the Jumbo Share Counter! We’ll check out that issue with Mobile What’s next and see if there’s something we missed.

  • Great to see this come to fruition so quickly. Do you know if you will be able to add the count from G+? If I switch from my current WordPress plugin which is what I want to do, I’ll lose about 25% of my share numbers as this one doesn’t count G+. I know we talked about this before so just wondering what the update it. Thanks for all the new stuff to play with!

  • dave

    Hey Dan! Unfortunately, G+ doesn’t have a way to fetch the count over the Web (only server side), so we don’t have a very good way to grab it for you. I can see how that would be a little disappointing – we wish it was supported as well!

  • I love it Dave but I’m still running on the free version of “AddThis Smart Layers”
    Still a great plugin.

  • Dave

    Thanks, Keith! The WordPress plugin is still handy, but there are tons of new tools in the dashboard that are worth checking out!

  • I hear you Dave, I hear you.

  • Would make a whole lot of sense if the Jumbo share is merged with the Spark Line when it’s finally released. The Jumbo Share, Hero Recommended and Spark Line are sufficient for me to upgrade to Pro.

  • dave

    Cool, that’s really good to know. We’re still looking at how the Spark Line would work on the back end, but we have some other cool features coming out soon.

    If you want to see some early previews and give your input, feel free to email me dave at our domain dot com.

  • Genial.