AddThis Study Shows Mac Users Scroll More than PC Users


Content engagement can mean a lot of different things. Sharing to Facebook, for example, is just one way to engage with content and a key metric for many marketers today. In relation to all the content consumed out on the open Web, however, sharing to social networks represents just a small fraction of total online engagement.

To effectively reach today’s multi-device, always connected consumer, advertisers and publishers need a deeper understanding of just how and when to promote content. So for our second Quarterly Content Engagement Report we took a look at scrolling behavior. Our goal was to identify the scrolling mega-trends that could help advertisers and publishers understand what factors influence a reader to scroll.


The results were pretty interesting. What we found was that there are many things that influence scrolling behavior including device, referring URL, and even time of day.


So whether you’re looking to optimize your paid media campaigns to increase scrolling and page views or you have multi-page content to promote, you’ll find these insights valuable.


Check out our press release and download the report.