Why Conversion Tools Are Important to Have on Your Website


Following the announcement of our newest tool in the suite, the Conversion Lightbox, you might be asking yourself, why do you need a conversion tool?

It’s actually quite simple.

The web is a large place. It’s hard to drive visitors to your site and once they’re there you have to peak their interest. You spend a lot of time and effort creating content that is engaging and beneficial to the visitor. But once they’ve read the article, perused the products and spent time on your site are you giving them a solid action to take? One that you drive to help achieve your individual business goals?

If you answered no, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Conversion tools do not have to be jarring, annoying or even the same. The simplicity of conversion tools is timing. Giving your visitor an appropriate action to take while they are actively engaged on your site is more effective than asking them to take that same action in an email or on a social site.

For example: say your visitor is on your blog right now. He/she has read the entire article and clicks to leave your page. This is an opportunity to serve up a “Like this article? Subscribe to our blog to get notified when new posts are available!” message by using a beautiful and simple tool they’ll want to engage with.

This is why using conversion tools, like our Welcome Bar or Conversion Lightbox, on your website is important. You’re giving your visitors a chance to engage with your further. So if simple tools can help you do that, what’s holding you back?

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  • Irene Raftopoulos


  • Personally, I HATE popups of any kind – particularly the lightbox kind, which is extremely annoying. It interrupts whatever I’m doing, and usually gets me mad enough to click the “X” in the corner, and leave the site. I am certainly not going to put one on any of my websites or blogs!

  • Duly noted, and thanks for giving us your feedback. We’re always looking for suggestions so we can make our tools better and less intrusive. Thanks again for letting us know!

  • Deneel

    I share this impression. We are a content site and we will surely not interrup our visitors at 75 % of their reading. What frustration ! Maybe at the end of the page, but not while they are reading.

  • We also agree with you Deneel! We didn’t want the tool to be intrusive either. That’s why we designed the Lightbox to only appear when your visitor intends to leave your site––not before. And once they X out, they’ll never see it again.

  • Niraj Mahajan

    Hi..please ignore my ignorance.. i wish to use this tool on blogger to subscribe to feedburner.. how do i do it?

  • 22 9

    I don’t have any money

  • Hi Niraj, not a problem! Please email and we’ll be able to assist you. Thanks!