The Value of a Follower for Your Site


Just how valuable are followers to your content strategy? We did some research to look at different kinds of engagement behaviors—such as scrolling, clicking, and sharing—and how they correlate to increasing followers and conversions. We also looked for a connection between where a visitor came from (for instance, a search or social “click” referral) or what device they used. Followers proved to be of tremendous value for websites.

Followers engage with content at a substantially higher rate than typical web users.

  • In desktop browsers, followers scrolled 11 times and shared 30 times more often than the average web visitor
  • If a follower came from a shared link—a “social referral”—that number jumped to 100 times more frequently on desktop and 28 times more on mobile browsers
  • While sharers did not significantly convert at a higher rate, followers in desktop browsers converted 2.4 times more often than the web average; in mobile browsers, this number increased to 3.6 times more frequent

The bottom line? While sharing behavior correlates well with clicks and other behaviors that get you more traffic, followers are far more likely to engage deeply and convert. This is the value of a follower, and just one of the reasons why we offer a suite of tools for both basic and Pro users, each serving its role to increase traffic and engagement for your site. Start activating those tools!